Swarovski Crystal - Crystal Figurines - Jade - Porcelian - Contemporary Oil  

We carry 100% hand crafted:
Swarovski Crystal Anklets
Swarovski Crystal Belts
Crystal Animal Figurines
Crystal Dolphin Figurines
Crystal Horse Figurines
Crystal Dog Figurines
Crystal Cat Figurines
Crystal Red Eye Dragon Figurines
Crystal Bird Figurines
Crystal Religious Figurines
Crystal Musical Instruments
Crystal Vases
Crystal World Globes Feng Shui
Crystal Vase
Crystal Candle Holders
Crystal Angel Figurines
Crystal Swan Figurines
Decorating and Feng Shui
Feng Shui Crystal Art
Porcelain Quan Yin Drip Fountain
Burma Jade Dragon
Red Jade Dragons
Rare Yellow Jade Pagoda
Jade Temple Lions
Hand Painted Huricane Lamps
Hand Crafted Glass Art Sculpture
Oriental Porcelain 3 Wisemen
Chinese Porcelain Vases
Porcelain Quan Yin

Art and Travel Renew The Human Spirit!

We are thrilled to bring together two life enriching journeys by offering
the adventure of discovery through Art and Travel.
Crystal Art
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Art
Crystal Art
Crystal Art
Crystal Art

The Decorative Arts - Crystal, Jade, Porcelain,
Crystal Jewelry, Art Glass, and Feng Shui.

More specifically, we offer exquisite 100% Hand Crafted items that make beautiful gifts for all occasions such as: Hand Crafted Art Glass, a variety of exquisite Crystal Figurines, Crystal Vases, Swarovski Silver Crystal to adorn the body, and
Authentic Feng Shui Certified Crystal, Jade, and Porcelain Art.
We are committed to providing First Class personalized service and products at the best price.
FREE Shipping for all Feng Shui Items and Hand Crafted Art Glass!

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The Power of Art and Feng Shui

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Crystal Art

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Accessories Such As Swarovski Crystal Belts Can Help You Look And Feel Great!
Do You Adore Crystal Animal Figurines?
Crystal Designs Can Help You Express A Deep, Symbolic Meaning.
Maintain A Healthy Mind And Spirit With Crystal Vases And Chinese Porcelain Vases.
Crystal Angel Figurines And Other Religious Figurines.
Feng Shui is capturing the attention of millions world wide!
The Story & Magic Of Chinese Puzzle Balls....
Feng Shui Crystal Art Can Help You Achieve Harmony And Aesthetic Beauty
Jade Dragons Or A Rare Yellow Jade Pagoda Can Bring Positive Energy To Your Home
Are You Looking For Hand Crafted Porcelain Art Sculpture With Symbolic Meaning?
The Most Beautiful Beaches of Thailand!
Are You Looking For The Power Of Jade Temple Lions And Other Powerful Symbols Of The Orient.
Whatever Type Of Crystal Animal Statues You Have...Proper Care Is Essential!
The Dragon and The Power of Feng Shui.